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Not only on land reliable.

Cranes from heba are the ideal alternative to expensive offshore cranes, are much cheaper and available immediately. Although most of our machines are designed for installation on commercial vehicles, often only minor modifications are needed to make them suitable for the high seas.

This results in a genuine entrepreneurial advantage: same performance at much lower price. From a technical standpoint, there is finally little difference between lorry-mounted cranes and the models that are used on ships, working platforms or port facilities. The same applies for use on railway wagons - also here used cranes from heba make a very good alternative.

Rather than having to bear long delivery times for the purchase of a new crane, you should consider one of ours for a rapid and uncomplicated purchase! Our tip for offshore companies: The delivery of the crane can also be by airfreight. In this way the machine is directly on site.

For further information about how you can save cleverly with heba, we are happy to inform you personally: contact us

11-20 tm

Block Liste

metric imperial

1920 K4 RCS

11-20 tm


1920 K4 RCS
load torque
16.8 tm
hydraulic outreach / load capacity (horizontal)
4,50 m - 3740 kg
12,70 m - 1170 kg
on request


typeyearload torquehydraulic outreach / load capacity (horizontal)price


11-20 tm1920 K4 RCS202116.8 tm4,50 m - 3740 kg
12,70 m - 1170 kg
on request{LG_MORE}