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What services does heba offer?

heba deals with lorry-mounted cranes of various sizes and make, as well as matching accessories. This includes also the purchase and the trade-in of cranes.

How long has the company been trading?

heba was founded in 2002 in Lüdenscheid. Now we have so many years of industry experience and have sold over 1,000 cranes.

Are all the goods that you offer in stock?

Yes, cranes, as well as the accessories, are stored directly in Lüdenscheid and are immediately available. Thus we offer goods only when they have got to us and we can make a detailed inventory. Here is more information.

How does processing of the deal work?

First, you get a complete overview from us of all relevant data including current pictures. If you decide to purchase, we will send you an order confirmation or a pro-forma invoice. Now, you can initiate the payment in advance. After receipt of payment all necessary shipping documents are created without delay and the goods are ready for delivery.

Also a cash payment on site is possible on request. This must nevertheless be completed 5 days after conclusion of the contract.

Is it possible to reserve a machine?

Yes. Reservations without deposit are valid for 48 hours. With a down payment of at least 30% of the total amount of the invoice, reservations of up to even 10 days are possible. Should you decide not to go ahead with the purchase the goods are returned to open sale and your deposit will be completely refunded.

What about warranties or guarantees?

A guarantee or warranty is given only when there is un-expired manufacturer's warranty. The goods are sold exactly as in the state described and with the indicated scope of delivery. So that you can get the most accurate picture of the machine, it is cleaned, but not adorned, and then photographed. Here you can read more information.

Of course, we specify any defects known to us. A visit in advance is possible by arrangement.

Can the goods be viewed and tested in advance?

You are welcome to come and view our machines by arrangement. A function test is not possible, because the cranes have been dismounted. Alternatively, we will send photos, which show clearly the current state and what is included in the scope of delivery. Known defects, problems, or accidental damage will, of course, be pointed out to you.

Frequently asked questions - straight answers.

What is the best way to get to an appointment?

Arrival by car is often the most convenient way: our company is located alongside the A45 motorway..

If you have a long journey to get to us, we recommend a flight to one of the nearby airports: Dortmund (approx. 30 km), Cologne/Düsseldorf (approx. 100 km), Frankfurt (180 km). We are happy to give you tips, advice, and recommendations.

Are your cranes repaired, painted or tested?

So that also smaller defects remain visible, we refrain from any repainting or repair work. The goods are only cleaned before an inspection, so that you can see possible cracks in the steel structure. The crane is thus left in its original state at heba.

What is all included in the scope of delivery of your cranes?

Each scope of delivery is described exactly in the offer and on the photos. Everything you see is included - no less, but also no more.

How is the crane shipped?

Shipping can be done in many different ways - by road, air or sea freight.

Do you also do installations, modifications, or repairs?

No, as a dealer, we offer no own-workshop service.

Do you sell new cranes or spare parts?

We sell no new goods within Germany or the EU.

I cannot find what I want on your website. Can you still help me?

We gladly inform you about our latest offers; conveniently by email - register here.