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Purchase of second hand cranes & equipment

One less burden.

Sell your used loader cranes and equipment to heba.

heba loader cranes - reliability since 2002.

Fair deals, fast payments: heba is your ideal partner to purchase from in the field of lorry loader cranes and accessories.

Since we buy and sell lorry cranes of all sizes and makes. As an owner-managed company we are not only very close to the customer, but work completely independently and extremely flexibly.

We always work authentically and uncomplicatedly with you. This also applies to the payment: If we buy one of your machines, you get your money in advance via bank transfer. This is not only extremely convenient, but has also proved its worth: over 1,000 cranes sold, and highly satisfied customers speak for themselves.

Your partner for purchase and trade-ins.

heba cranes offers its customers a large selection of used loader cranes from all over Europe. Take profitable advantage of this wide distribution network - because we buy your stock, returns, accessories and even accident-damaged cranes.

In particular, you benefit from our support with the trade-in of cranes. Our offer to purchase is valid for a full 4 weeks - and also guarantees a withdrawal at a later date. That means more room to manoeuvre for you and more convenience for your customers.

In both cases the process is quite uncomplicated: You send us all the important information and soon get our firm purchase offer. If you choose to sell to heba, you will get your money shortly before collection of the unit and a maximum of 5 working days after invoicing. Our transport collects the respective machine at the agreed date. With trade-ins we are also happy to assume the entire processing with your customer at your request.

Frequently asked questions - straight answers.

What equipment do you buy?

heba deals with cranes of varying sizes and make. We are just as interested in special accessories, such as for example supports, grabs and pumps.

What do you need for a purchase offer?

The most convenient thing for you is our formula, which you can find at www.heba.eu. Alternatively we can send this to you per e-mail. Otherwise, sending us the following data is enough:

  • information about the crane: manufacturer, type, year of manufacture, serial number, equipment
  • information about the current state and any previous damage, accidents or problems
  • copy of the last insurance inspection
  • photos of the crane, accessories, nameplate and extensions
  • earliest pickup time

How do you pay?

The crane will be paid for by advance payment and a bank transfer will be made within 5 working days after receipt of the invoice. After receipt of payment a carrier commissioned by us will take over the collection.

Can you negotiate the trade-in and process directly with our customer?

At your request, we are happy to relieve you of this burden.

Can I be sure in the bid phase, that you do not disclose any information to third parties?

No customer data are passed to third parties - in particular not to competitors. In addition, we rely on neutrality: Should more than one dealer enquire about same crane, all get told the same purchase price.

Do you sell new cranes and spare parts?

No, within Germany we do not sell new cranes or spare parts.

Do you also do assembly or repair work?

No, we act solely as dealersr.


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